Welcome to the Amphibian Growth Project. We are interested in almost anything about amphibian biology, but we are focused on aspects of amphibian growth, development, and life history biology.



--Emily Bierbaum gave an awesome paper on Amphiuma hands and feet at SICB2019! Great work and thanks to her co-advisor Raul Diaz for all the hard work!

SE Nat cover.jpg

--The beautiful and fascinating plethodontid salamander, Eurycea wilderae, is featured on the September cover of Southeastern Naturalist. The cover image was taken by the great great arachnologist Fred Coyle. (It just so happens that Coyle is Beachy’s uncle.) This issue features an article by Beachy on larval growth and metamorphosis (click here to read it).

--Chris Cannon, a May 2018 graduate of Southeast Missouri State University joined the AGP team! Check the ‘who we are’ page for more about Cannon (and the rest of the gang).